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Vehicle Accidents in Los Angeles

Updated on Saturday 11th February 2017

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Vehicle accidents in Los Angeles are one of the main causes for personal injuries and property damages. Each year, collisions between vehicles affect families, are a cause of death and an important public safety issue, that's why you will need a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to help you obtain the proper compensation.  
Los Angeles is one of the most popular and populated cities in California. As the second largest city in the United States, L.A. is busy place mainly characterized by its influential place in the film and television industry. As a city with heavy traffic, it is not uncommon for individuals living in Los Angeles and in the surrounding area to be the unwilling victims of vehicle accidents.
If you are living in L.A. or in another city in California, like Riverside, and you are involved in a vehicle accident or if you are simply a tourist on vacation and you have been involved in such an accident, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you solve any legal matter and claim your rights.
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Car accidents in L.A.

Vehicle accidents can have a tremendous emotional impact and, in severe cases, even an important physical impact on the victim. If you are the victim of a car accident in Los Angeles, you must be well aware of your rights and know what are the most important steps you can take after the accident in order to be compensated for any injury sustained in the event.
The most important step is to seek medical attention and call 911. Even if you are not badly injured, other parties may require urgent medical care. It is useful to record any information you can on the scene if your physical state allows you to do so. Information like license plate numbers may be useful later on to identify the parties involved in the accidents if they have fled the scene.
In some car accidents, it is possible for the blame to be shared by both parties. The defendant can make a claim that you’re also to blame for the accident, even if only partially. This is known as the pure comparative negligence rule and will apply and the case will be treated as a share fault injury case. If this is the case, you should know that your compensations will be limited to the percentage of fault that can be attributed to the other driver. This is more likely in pile-up car crashes and the judge is the one who will ultimately decide the percentage of liability attributed to the defendant. 

California law for vehicle accidents, explained by Los Angeles personal injury attorneys

If you have been involved in a vehicle accident in L.A. or in another place in California and you are inclined to postpone any legal action or claim, you should know that the state of California limits the amount of time you can take to decide to go to court and file a lawsuit after being involved in a vehicle accident.
This is called a statute of limitations and the amount of time is different depending on the case. In Los Angeles, the usual amount of time given by law to a natural person to file a lawsuit against another party for personal injury is two years. If you fail to make a claim within this time frame, the court may refuse to hear your case afterward.
You should consider calling a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles immediately after the car accident to gain compensation for your medical bills and hospitalization costs as well as any future medical care you may require after the accident. A lawyer is also able to help you obtain compensation for other types of injuries, the emotional ones like pain and suffering and emotional distress after the traumatic event.
Our personal injury lawyers in L.A. can help you file a lawsuit if you have been involved in a car accident in L.A. We can also help you during any settlement negotiations and obtain the highest compensation for your damages.
Please contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for detailed information.


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