Can You Claim Compensations for Hedonic Damages?

Written by: Bridgewest

Can-You-Claim-Compensations-for-Hedonic-Damages.jpgVictims of personal injuries can claim damages for the losses they have been through after the incident. Compensatory and punitive damages are the most commonly used types in any personal injury lawsuit. However, in some cases, the personal injury lawyer can be able to help you obtain hedonic damages.

What are hedonic damages?

Hedonic damages refer to the loss of enjoyment of life. While they can not as easily quantifiable as the economic losses, they do qualify as a type of emotional damage. Pain, suffering and hedonic damages all fall into the same category.
Any type of emotional suffering is hard to prove in court. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you claim and prove hedonic damages. The case will usually be based upon the fact that the victim’s quality of life is worth much more than the compensations obtained for the lost possessions. Those who advocate the importance of hedonic damages refer to subjective and intangible life values.

How are hedonic damages qualified in a personal injury case?

The recoveries awarded for the loss of enjoyment of life are generally not separate from the damages awarded for pain and suffering. They can be offered in a non-fatal personal injury case. Hedonic damages are not offered in wrongful death cases.
The victim that claims hedonic damages, or emotional damages, in general, will heed to provide evidence as per how the accident lead to the loss of joy or otherwise altered his life. The victim can make a case based on age, the type of injury and how the injury affects him/her.
Serious injuries like spinal cord or brain injuries will generally be eligible for higher compensations for pain and suffering. Young victims can have the chance of receiving more damages because they will have to cope with the suffering caused by the accident for a longer period of time.
Victims of personal injury accidents who can prove that they have lost their enjoyment of life can make a case and obtain a higher degree of compensations.
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