Technology Used as Evidence in a Personal Injury Case

Written by: Bridgewest

Technology-Used-as-Evidence-in-a-Personal-Injury-Case.jpgThe devices and wearable technology we use can serve as a tool to trace our steps and even provide useful data about our involvement in a personal injury case. Content like video footage or photos can be used as evidence in some personal injury cases and, with the help of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, it can be a key element of a powerful case.

Technology as your witness

The ability to gather relevant evidence is important in personal injury cases. The use of various methods to recreate the events is not only useful for providing a clear timeline but also to provide that the event did actually occur – a very important step in court litigation.
Surveillance video, photos, recordings and other evidence produced with the help of technology can make the difference in a number of personal injury cases. Car accidents are among the cases that can make the greatest use of these types of evidence. Footage of the accident itself can provide undeniable evidence in court. This can be an incidental family video shot right before and/or during the accident or photos taken at the scene of the accident by a pedestrian. Other devices like dashboard cameras can also be useful.

Video evidence in personal injury claims

Surveillance videos from street cameras can provide important information in other cases like pedestrian accidents. It is important to identify any existing evidence and use it accordingly. A lawyer can help you recover the data in due time and help you if you need to file a subpoena to obtain the evidence from a third party. Technology will not always help the plaintiff provide the key piece of evidence in a personal injury case but it can be used to develop a legal claim.
One of our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can help you during the “discovery phase” – the process of finding out what evidence the other party has, knows about or intends to use in court. With the help of a lawyer, you will be able to use video evidence and get it admitted into court.
For personalised advice and legal representation in personal injury cases you can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.