Calculating Compensation: Medical Care

Calculating Compensations: Medical Care (4)

Updated on Wednesday 06th September 2017

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Calculating-Compensations-Medical-Care.jpgMedical expenses are an important part of the total value of the settlement claim in any personal injury accident. The value of the personal injury case is often determined according to the type and extent of the medical treatment because some injuries require more expensive medical care compared to others.
Burn victims or those who have suffered brain injuries will require a longer recovery period and many additional medical procedures once the initial physical injuries from the accident are treated.
The help of a personal injury attorney can be essential for determining what you can claim based on what you had to pay to your medical care provider. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you calculate a realistic amount but one that also covers all of your expenses related to medical care.

The medical bills

The economic damages are those quantifiable expenses that are derived after an accident and that would have occurred if the accident wouldn’t have taken place. The initial medical care, as well as the future medical care and the lost earnings, are included in this category.
When calculating the settlement it is important to include the medical bills that have been issued up to the time of the trial or negotiation but also the costs of the future medical expenses related to the accident. The total value of the past and future medical expenses usually represents the starting compensation amount. 
Plaintiffs should know that they cannot be compensated for a pre-existing injury only for those that have aggravated as a result of an accident. 
A lawyer can talk to your treating physician to find out more about the estimated costs of the future medical care. A statement from your physician can be used in court or as evidence when negotiating the amount of the compensation with the defendant and/or the insurance claim adjuster.
The medical records are an important piece of evidence in every personal injury case. One of our L.A. personal injury lawyers can help you calculate the value of your claim that covers the medical expenses.

Compensations for medical malpractice

In medical malpractice cases, the plaintiff can also claim compensations for the damages that have been brought upon his as a result of the physician’s direct negligent actions. The victim is compensated for the extra financial costs that have appeared as a result of a medical mistake and also the money needed to recuperate from this unforeseen issue. The compensations are calculated based on the severity of the injuries and whether or not the damage is reversible. When the victim of the medical negligence passes away, the case is treated differently, namely as a wrongful death case. The expenses calculated in a different manner int his case.
Claiming compensations in a medical malpractice case is best done with the help of a personal injury attorney who is aware of the laws in L.A. regarding medical malpractice and the limits for these types of injuries.
The exact amount of the compensation that you can receive is hard to predict. It’s common to calculate an amount based on the medical expenses you know of up to the point when you make your claim, however, it is equally important to consider the compensation for pain and suffering in those high-impact cases. 
You can use our personal injury calculator to estimate the amount of compensation for some of the most common types of expenses incurred right after an accident, including the medical bills.
Plaintiffs should know that their settlement amount is reduced if their actions contributed to the injury, based on the comparative negligence rule applicable in California. 
You can contact one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys if you need help determining the correct amount you can be compensated for the medical expenses after an accident. 


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