Personal Injury Calculator in California

Personal Injury Calculator

Updated on Monday 22nd May 2017

This calculator can be used for estimating the compensations you may obtain after you suffered a personal injury. The total amount represents the value of the compensations you would accept from the guilty party in exchange to giving up your legal claim. This can’t be considered legal advice and we recommend you to contact a personal injury attorney for more details.   

Settlement Calculator
How much did you spend on medical care?  Please calculate this amount carefully including ALL costs related to treatment.
Please estimate amount to be spent in the future on medical care.  Please include ALL costs related to this.
Please valuate any income you have lost.  Please include all earnings that have not been received because of your injury.
Please enter any future income that will be lost.  Please make sure you estimate this amount as accurately as possible.
Please valuate any damages brought to your assets/properties.  Used mostly for auto accidents.
We help you calculate the value of the compensations you may obtain for your personal injury, using a multiplier for your pain and suffering. The value of the multiplier is 2.5, a medium one.

Settlement Value Estimate

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