Worker’s Compensation Plan

Written by: Bridgewest

Worker’s-Compensation-Plan.jpgThe insurance cover offered by the employer to its workers is known in California as the worker’s compensation plan. If you are injured in a work accident or are exposed to dangerous products while working you are entitled to receive this type of insurance. In case of any accident, if the employer has failed to provide you with the adequate coverage, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you obtain the rightful compensations for your losses.

When do you receive the worker’s compensation plan?

The worker’s compensation is received by an individual who has been injured while working. This can happen in a variety of business fields and the compensation is applicable to construction site workers, electricians and those working in hazardous areas or working with dangerous products or materials. The employer will need to specify the working conditions from the beginning so that the individual will know the types of risks he is exposed to.
This type of compensation is different from that obtained after a usual personal injury case. The worker will not have to prove negligence or liability. The only relevant proof that needs to be provided is that the injury was work-related and it occurred during the work hours. 
Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you file for a worker’s compensation with your insurance company and our lawyers can also help you if you have any insurance problems.

What are the benefits of a worker’s compensation plan?

A worker’s compensation plan is advantageous for the injured individual, not only during the recovery period but also if the sustained injuries cause temporary or permanent disabilities. The injured worker is entitled to receive medical care for the treatment and recovery needed to heal from the work-related injury. This can include physical recovery but also therapy for any emotional distress. The employee is entitled to receive the wages lost as a result of the injury and/or supplemental payments if he or she never recovers completely. Compensations are also available for wrongful death cases.
For more detailed information about how you can maximize the benefits of your worker’s compensation plan or how to get such an insurance plan please contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.