How to Choose an L.A. Personal Injury Attorney?

How to Choose an L.A. Personal Injury Attorney?

Updated on Tuesday 27th June 2017

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How-to-Choose-an-LA-Personal-Injury-Attorney.jpgChoosing between the available Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can be difficult, especially when you have never been involved in a personal injury accident before. Before deciding to work with a law firm or a certain attorney you should do some research, see what their rate of success is and if the cases they worked on proving that they have relevant experience in one field or another.
Sometimes it is best to choose a smaller company that has dealt with cases that resemble your own and that has attorneys who specialize in a certain field of law, rather than going for the biggest law firm in Los Angeles. Large corporations will usually have big clients and will fail to focus on small personal injury cases. You need to pick an attorney that will be dedicated to your case.

Choose based on experience

A research phase is very important before contacting a law firm or choosing an attorney based in Los Angeles, Long Beach or another Californian city. If you are injured in one city you can always hire a lawyer from a different city if you feel more comfortable this way.
A key rule for choosing a Los Angeles personal injury attorney is to look for one that has had experience in cases that are similar to your own. While no accident or injury is the same, an attorney that specializes in the laws relevant for vehicle accidents will be more prepared to help you than one who has dealt mainly with slip and fall injuries for example. 
Another step you can take to avoid making a mistake when choosing a lawyer is to look for someone with whom you can truly communicate and with whom you feel comfortable. If the client-attorney relationship is not an ideal one from the beginning, chances are the case will suffer because of your inability to communicate and agree on the necessary steps of the proceedings. It is also important to know that, if you wish to do so, it is possible to change your personal injury attorney. His or her interest should be focused towards you, your case and how you can obtain the right amount of compensation. Your attorney should not make you feel like you are merely a client whose case is unimportant but will eventually pay in the end.
The following video summarizes the main steps involved in choosing the right personal injury lawyer for your case: 


Do not choose based on price

Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles will not tax you until the case in won in court or until you have received the final settlement. The contingency fee based on which most law firms work in personal injury cases is settled and agreed upon from the start. Our lawyers will negotiate with the insurance claim adjuster, the insurance company and the defendant, as applicable to your case so that you will have the highest chances of obtaining a good amount of compensation. 
Victims who do not seek the proper legal advice can lose on important amounts of compensation. Choosing the right attorney is important not only for the final amount of compensation but also for your own solace in dealing with the legal hurdles after an accident that, most certainly, has also had an emotional impact and not just a material one.
One of our attorneys will be able to answer your questions about how our team can help you and our areas of expertise, as well as the success rate in cases like yours.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys right away if you have questions about the legal steps or the process of seeking process compensation for your injuries.


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