Calculating Compensations: How the Accident Happened

Calculating Compensations: How the Accident Happened (1)

Updated on Saturday 25th February 2017

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Calculating-Compensations-How-the-Accident-Happened.jpgEvery personal injury case is unique and certain aspects of the case may be the key to obtaining a higher amount of compensations.
Talking to one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you determine how to use the facts of your case to better show to the judge and jury how you were influenced by the injuries and what damages you suffered from.

The elements of a personal injury accident 

The cause of the accident and the conditions in which it took place can be very important for determining the total amount of compensations. For example, a vehicle accident will require a different approach if the driver who caused the accident was texting while driving or if he was driving under the influence of alcohol. 
One of the Los Angeles personal injury lawyers is able to help you use all of the available information to present how the accident occurred and whether or not is took place as a result of special or extreme circumstances.
Calculating the compensations is a process that takes into consideration a number of factors, not only the bills you had to pay as a result of the accident. While a simple formula is not universally used, like multiplying the value of the bills by five or any other value, a multiplier can be used in some cases.

Catastrophic injuries presented by our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys

Injuries that irremediably influence the lives of the victims are commonly referred to as catastrophic injuries. These can be severe burns, lost limbs or paralysis. They can occur as a result of a larger incident, one that involves more than one victim. This is another important element to consider when presenting how the accident took place.
A lawyer is able to determine how much you need to be rightfully compensated for your injuries when he or she adds a number of elements:
- the medical bills;
- the future medical bills;
- the lost wages;
- the emotional pain and suffering;
A lawyer can help examine your case and give you preliminary advice on how to proceed after being injured.
Determining how to best use the elements of the accident can help you gain larger compensations. You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for more details on how we can help you.


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