Defective Equipment as Cause of a Car Accident in California

Defective Equipment as Cause of a Car Accident in California

Updated on Thursday 23rd February 2017

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Defective-Equipment-as-Cause-of-a-Car-Accident-in-California.jpgSometimes car accidents are unrelated to an actual driving error, negligence or lack of focus from the part of the driver. Automobile accidents can occur as a result of a defective equipment of manufacturing error. 
In these cases, the personal injury settlement will be based not on proving that the other driver was negligent but on the fact that the manufacturing company failed to observe the safety standards or procedures.
Individuals who believe that the accident was caused by defective equipment can seek the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Defective manufacturing as a cause for car accidents

Defective tires, a malfunctioning breaking system or airbag failure are just some examples of how a vehicle may present issues of which the driver was simply unaware of. 
Mechanical failure and defective equipment are often pinned on the company that produces the parts, however, the driver also has the responsibility to inspect the car and perform the car maintenance as requested. If this is not an issue in the particular case and the driver can prove that he has done all that was necessary to prevent the malfunction, then the liability for the accident can be attributed to the manufacturing company.
Plaintiffs should know that any personal injury case in California has a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the accident. Cases brought to court after this two-year period are more likely to be rejected.

Compensations for car accident injuries

Individuals injured in car accidents can suffer a number of types of injuries, from mild ones that are not life threatening, to severe ones that can completely alter their way of life from then on. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries that can also mean paralysis are examples of such very unfortunate cases.
These catastrophic injuries, as they are often referred to, are the ones that are settled for the largest amount of compensation, particularly in court. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney is able to help you throughout the trial and any legal hurdles you may be facing after going through such a life-altering event.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys if you have any questions on how to handle a car accident case.


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