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Compensations for Brain Injuries in Los Angeles

Updated on Sunday 12th February 2017

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Brain-Injury-in-Los-Angeles.jpgBrain injuries are not uncommon in Los Angeles. The highly populated city and surrounding urban areas are locations for frequent car and motorcycle accidents. The brain injury is a serious type of injury, traumatic for the victim and demanding on the family who cares for the injured individual. 
Medical care is absolutely necessary in such an accident and the costs can be high, so you should request the services of an Los Angeles personal injury attorney in order to obtain the right amount of compensations for your personal injury.

A traumatic brain injury case in L.A.

Brain injury occurs when the head is injured in an accident. Although the most frequent types of accidents that result in such traumatic injuries are vehicle accidents, brain injury can also be a consequence of bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents or even slip and fall accidents. There are two types of head injuries - open or closed. An open head injury means that the skull has been fractured and it is absolutely necessary to seek urgent medical attention. 
Less serious accidents can still cause brain injuries. Patients who were involved in an accident and injured their head should look for symptoms like a headache, nausea, dizziness or fatigue. Even if your injury is not obvious, you will still be able to prove in a personal injury lawsuit that the negligence of the other party caused important injuries. Regardless of the type of brain injury, it can have serious long-term effects and such an accidents should not be treated without care.
It is important to prioritize seeking adequate medical care for your injuries. The treatment and recovery period should be documented for the case, meaning that you can collect the medical records, the doctor’s recommendations, and even statements in order to prove the manner in which the accident has had a consequence on your health and general wellbeing. Because brain injuries can be debilitating, most victims will not be able to return to their normal jobs until they are fully recovered. One of our experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you obtain compensations for medical bills and lost wages.
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Compensations for a brain injury case in Los Angeles

The costs associated with serious brain injuries can be significant. This is why it is important to seek the help of a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as you can. One of our lawyers will help you gather all the relevant information and evidence and build a solid case. The total amount of compensation will be calculated according to the material expenses but it can also include the psychological trauma and continuous pain and suffering to which the victim is still exposed after the accident. A lawyer can negotiate with the insurance company to include non-economic damages. If the case goes to court the jury will most likely calculate a daily amount that will be awarded for a specific time period, for as long as they have decided that the victim has suffered after the injuries occurred. 
If you have been the victim of an accident that has lead to traumatic brain injuries, please contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys as soon as possible. We can help you win your case during the statute of limitations and obtain the rightful compensations for such an extensive injury.


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