Slip and Fall Accidents in L.A.

Slip and Fall Accidents in L.A.

Updated on Saturday 11th February 2017

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Accidents do happen, but sometimes we are the unwilling victims of bad infrastructure, bad terrain or unattended issues that can cause accidents. When you are injured on someone else’s property, you may be entitled to obtain compensations for slip and fall accidents.
After an accident, you may want to consider if the fault can be attributed to the owner of the real estate property where the accident happened. Slip and fall accidents in L.A. are a common cause of emergency medical injuries and can cause injuries that will debilitate the victim for a long time, like a broken limb, fractured bones or, in serious cases, even skull fractures. 
Although the owner of the property where the accident took place cannot be accused of negligence in all cases, it is worth it to contact a Los Angeles personal injury attorney and find out if your case can be considered as a slip and fall accident.

Liability in slip and fall accidents

The first step after having treated the injuries resulted from a slip and fall is to inform the owner of the property of your intentions towards taking legal action. When a person is injured in a slip and fall accident in L.A., in order to receive compensations for the injuries, the negligence of the owner must be proved in court. However, due to reasonable causes, this is not always the case. Our personal injury attorneys in California can help you assess a particular case and determine if the property’s owner can be accused of negligence. In certain cases, negligence cannot be proven: for example if the objects that caused the slip and fall were in an obvious place and the injured party was simply not paying attention. 
The cases in which the owner of the property can be accused of causing a slip and fall accident are if:
- the general condition of the property was dangerous;
- the owner should have taken care of the precarious condition of the property;
- the owner has received complaints before and had time to fix the issues.
In these particular cases, the land or property owner can be accused of negligence, however, both parties will carry some degree of responsibility for the accident. Work accidents in California are not considered slip and fall accidents and workers should address the case within the legal coverage provided by the worker’s compensation laws.
There are various degrees of injuries in slip and fall accidents. These can include a broken limb or head trauma or the more serious spinal cord injuries in the victim falls on his back. Elderly individuals can be more prone to sustaining serious slip and fall injuries. 
To find out more about slip and fall injuries, we invite you to watch this video: 


Compensation for a slip and fall accident in L.A.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will help you make a solid case and obtain compensation for injuries caused by a slip and fall accident that was caused by evident negligence. According to the particularities of the case and the extent of the injuries, you may be able to obtain compensation for:
- the medical bills for treating the slip and fall injury;
- any future loss of wages or another form of payment caused by the inability to work because of the injury;
- the repair of property damaged during the fall;
- permanent disabilities caused by the accident;
- emotional distress.
The settlement in a slip and fall accident can also be established without having to go to court. These out-of-court negotiations will usually take place with an insurance company representative. A personal injury lawyer can help you during this negotiation phase. If the attorneys and the insurance company can agree upon a reasonable amount for the compensations, then the case is no longer taken to court. It is important to request the services of a personal injury lawyer right away because insurance companies will usually try to convince you to agree to a smaller amount for your claims.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys if you are involved in a slip and fall injury or in any other types of accidents like pedestrian accidents.


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