Liability for Dog Bite Cases in California

Liability for Dog Bite Cases in California

Updated on Thursday 09th February 2017

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Liability_for_Dog_Bite_Cases_in_California.jpgDog bite injuries can be serious and the victims can ask for just compensation from the owner of the dog that has attacked the victim. According to the laws in California, the liability for dog bite injuries belongs to the owner or the dog, while in a public place or in a private place, even if the animal has never attacked before.

Strict liability, explained by Los Angeles personal injury attorneys

The owner’s liability for dog bite cases is called strict liability, meaning that the owner is fully responsible for the damages caused by the dog. According to the California Civil Code, it is not a question of where the dog bite accident took place. The owner is liable for the damages suffered by the person who is bitten even if he was on his own private property when the accident took place. Likewise, the owner is liable even if he or she was unaware of the dog’s viciousness. 
In order to build a solid case for dog bite accidents, our Los Angeles personal injurt attorneys will need to assess who is the true owner of the dog, the type of bite and the extent of the injuries caused. In order to be able to determine that the person handling the dog was responsible for the accident, our lawyers in L.A. will need to prove that it was a negligence case.
The only case in which the owner of the dog cannot be held liable for a dog bite injury is if the dog is part of a military or police service and the bite took place while the dog was defending itself or while working with the military or police agent and acting in the investigation of a crime and/or defending the officer or another person.
The dog bite law also provides for special considerations when the victim is a child. The owner of the dog that attacked the child cannot, in this case, make his case based on provocation. This would imply that the child was negligent in his conduct towards the animal and a child cannot be legally regarded as negligent if he is under the age of five. If the minor was acting according to his parent’s instructions, then he is incapable of being found guilty.
Certain cities in California can enact their own strict liability law for dog bite cases. It is useful to request the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who can give you detailed information if the accident took place in Los Angles, Beverly Hills or other cities.
Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys invite you to watch a short video about liability in dog bite cases

Compensations for victims of dog bite injuries in California

The type of compensations a victim will most likely obtain from a dog bite case in California are monetary ones. Our personal injury lawyers in L.A. will reach a settlement with the owner of the dog and will obtain the highest compensation possible for any medical procedures that took place immediately after the accident or subsequently, for any cosmetic reconstruction procedures.
It is important to remember that California has a statute of limitations for injuries, including dog bite injuries. This means that you have a time limit of two years before trying to settle a dog bite case. 
You can contact our personal injury attorneys in California if you have been the victim of a dog bite injury. We can also help you with other types of accidents and cases, like medical malpractice cases.


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