Where to Verify an L.A. Personal Injury Attorney

Where to Verify an L.A. Personal Injury Attorney?

Updated on Tuesday 11th July 2017

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Where-to-Verify-an-L.A.-Personal-Injury-Attorney.jpgWhen your personal injury case is complex or it involves serious injuries and damages, such as brain injuries or those to the spinal cord, you will look to hire the best possible attorney. The help of a legal professional is irreplaceable, especially in those cases where the settlement is very large and the defendant will not be easily convinced to pay the full amount. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have worked dozens of cases involving all types of accidents and can help you if you need legal representation.
While it is very easy to find out all sorts of information online, it is sometimes best to resort to better alternatives when verifying a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Finding out the attorney’s wins and loss records can help you determine if he is the one best suited for your situation.
A lawyer’s experience can sometimes mean the difference between a larger and lesser settlement. It is not enough to choose the lawyer with the less lost cases but also the one who has the most experience in the law and legal procedures relevant to your case.

Verifying your attorney's case record

The State of California allows for a search of an attorney’s case history. Individuals can perform a public search if that attorney is registered with the State Bar Court of California. The case history goes back to the date the lawyer was admitted to the Bar.
An individual who wishes to perform a search of the Bar’s public records will need to know the complete name of the attorney and, if possible, his Bar membership number or the case number/s. A fee applies for all search request applications.
In order to verify if your attorney is truly licensed with the California Bar, you can ask for his/her State Bad number. You can call the Bar’s number to ask for membership information based on that number. This is also a way to find out if your lawyer has a public record of discipline. 
If the lawyer is not licensed or you cannot find his name, you can file a complaint about unauthorized practice with the State Bar. Also, if you are involved in such an unfortunate situation, you should know that you are entitled to ask your former lawyer to hand you back all and any documents so that you may continue to pursue your case with a licensed Los Angeles personal injury attorney.
Plaintiffs should also know that they can register a complaint with the California State Bar if their attorney has acted unethically. The Client Security Fund in California may be able to help you recover any lost money because of your lawyer’s dishonesty. You can call the Fund for complaints related to these types of situations. 

Tips for hiring a Los Angeles personal injury attorney

When choosing to work with one of the personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles you can first perform a check of his or her previous cases. The information provided by the Californian Bar is very relevant, however, you can decide to take this step as a final one or if you truly need specific information. An easy place to start is reading online reviews about a certain law firm or attorney. Most independent lawyers will have their own website where they will talk about the cases they have won and their relevant experience. Lastly, it can also be useful to talk to other individuals who were involved in cases that are similar to your own.
You should know that it is not always mandatory to hire a personal injury attorney. The choice is entirely up to you and, in some cases where the damages are not severe, you might be able to personally handle your case in court. However, you can still opt for legal counseling.
You can contact one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys today for more information about legal representation and personalized answers to your specific questions.


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