What to Do in Case of a Hit and Run Car Accident

What to Do in Case of a Hit and Run Car Accident

Updated on Wednesday 23rd August 2017

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What-to-Do-in-Case-of-a-Hit-and-Run-Car-Accident.jpgHit and run car accidents may seem more complicated than others because you seem to have nothing to start on. Whether it is a pedestrian accident, a car crash, a rear-end collision or another scenario, in the hit and run the defendant leaves the scene immediately afterward.
In the case of a hit and run accident, it is best to keep calm and gather as much information as you can, to help find the defendant. You can talk to a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, irrespective of the Californian city in which the accident took place. An expert will be able to guide you and advise you on the steps you need to take even if the defendant is missing in the aftermath of the accident.

The hit and run car accident

In addition to being the victim of a car accident, in a hit and run case, the plaintiff will most likely be frustrated by the fact that the driver who caused the accident and the injuries cannot be held liable immediately. It is important to try and remain calm and remember that hit and run cases are common.
You should try to pull over and call the police. If your injuries are not severe you can try to record as much information as possible about the car that hit you. Eyewitness reports can also be used as evidence in these cases and can be very useful.
You can also take pictures of the scene of the accident, the damages to your car and record the time of date when the accident occurred. Any other particular information may be useful. The police report will also provide valuable information for your case but you can use this details as evidence later on. 
When trying to build your case the evidence can be very useful for proving the other party’s negligence. If you are willing to take the case to court one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can provide you with legal assistance. 
We invite you to watch the following video on hit and run accidents:

Filing a hit and run claim in California  

The first step after the hit and run accident will be to file a claim with the insurance company. The details you managed to record at the scene of the accident may prove useful at this point, as some insurance companies may dismiss your claim and accuse you of fraud. 
In some cases, the hit and run can take place while your car was parked. If this happens you should also try to document the damage as well as possible and then contact your insurance company.
If you are having trouble negotiating with the insurance company you can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys


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