What to Avoid in Case of an Accident

What to Avoid in Case of an Accident

Updated on Thursday 04th January 2018

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What-to-avoid-in-case-of-an-accidentAn accident, no matter its nature, is one of the worst things that could happen. It will definitely affect both the victim who will suffer from personal injuries and the person causing the accident. If the victim will most likely unable to react, the other person may act erratically and cause more damage. This is why our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have prepared a short guide on what to avoid in case of an accident.

1.In case of a car crash, stop the car and do not leave the scene

Car accidents are usual in California and fear could make the person causing it to flee the scene. This the first thing to avoid when causing an accident. Since you will not have any idea about the damage caused, call and wait for the police to come.

2.First aid – what to avoid

If you have any medical knowledge or training it is OK to offer medical assistance until the ambulance arrives at the scene. If don’t have any emergency aid training or the personal injuries are severe, one of the best examples being gunshot wounds, avoid moving the victim.

3.Do not admit fault or say anything about who caused the accident

It is in our nature to defend and excuse ourselves and our actions before people, witnesses or the police; however, if you have caused an accident avoid to say anything to anyone before calling our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. Leave your defense in the hands of lawyers who will know how to help you. Oversharing information, including on various social media platforms, can harm your case.

4.Do not talk by yourself to the insurance company

If the personal injury you caused or you suffered is less severe and can compensation can be obtained through a simple meeting with an insurance adjuster, avoid going to that meeting alone. Why? Because the settlement you will obtain will most likely be lower than your case is worth. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you calculate your compensation and also accompany you to the meeting with the insurer.

5.What to avoid when asked for your medical records

The medical records are one of the most important evidence in a case of a personal injury. These can be asked by the defendant’s attorney or by the insurance company, depending on the case. Avoid to hand yourself your medical records and first talk to our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who can advise and represent you.

The following video also includes some points on what to avoid if involved in a personal injury trial:

6. Not observing the statute of limitations

California, like all other States, has a statute of limitations for personal injury accidents. This is the limited time period within which you can file for a civil lawsuit. In California, this time period is two years from the date of the accident in most cases. In some situations, like medical malpractice, the plaintiff has two years from the discovery of the injury, if this applies to his or her particular case. Failing to observe this deadline for filing can jeopardize your chances of obtaining a compensation.

7. Not taking into consideration the comparative negligence system

Just like there are differences in the applicable statute of limitations, states can use different systems for judging negligence. California has a pure comparative negligence system meaning that the plaintiff can still recover damages even if he or she is found to be at fault for the accident. This is different from the contributory negligence rule and one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you understand these systems for judging liability, especially in the context of your own case.

8. Not being honest with your attorney

This is an important issue to consider: your personal injury attorney can help you only to the extent to which you are truly honest about the case and your implications in the accident, particularly because of the pure comparative negligence system.

Each case is different and the things to avoid after an accident will depend from case to case, so if you were involved in any type of accident, contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys at once!



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