How Waiting Too Long to Get Medical Treatment Affects Your Personal Injury Case

Waiting Too Long For Medical Treatment

Updated on Wednesday 05th July 2017

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How-Waiting-Too-Long-to-Get-Medical-Treatment-Affects-Your-Personal-Injury-Case.jpgGetting immediate and adequate medical care is important in all personal injury accidents, even for those injuries that do not seem severe in the aftermath of the incident. Your medical record is an important piece of evidence if you decide to take the case to court, so a documented evolution of your health and the treatment that was needed is important for a strong case.
Waiting too long to get the adequate medical treatment can hurt your case in two ways: the decision to file a personal injury claim after you’ve discovered the impact the accident has had on your health can come too late. California has a statute of limitations of two years for personal injury cases, so your time to file a claim is limited. Secondly, gaps in your medical treatment are likely to be interpreted as a lack of consistency in court and they may harm your case. 
One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you gather the needed evidence and file a personal injury claim in due time.

Inconsistencies in your medical treatment

An obvious inconsistency in the medical treatment you’ve received after a vehicle accident or a slip and fall, for example, can lessen the amount of your compensation. The insurance claim adjuster will try to look or these inconsistencies to devalue your claim. A gap in treatment may be interpreted as evidence that your injuries are not as severe as you claim.
Two types of inconsistencies are possible: you’ve either sought medical treatment too long after the accident or you did see a doctor but did not follow through with the treatment until some months after the first consultation. 

How to prevent gaps in medical treatment after a personal injury accident

The simplest way to avoid medical treatment inconsistencies is to follow the instructions you receive from your doctor and follow through with the treatment, as prescribed.
Not all gaps in the medical treatment mean that you have been inconsistent after an accident. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney, together with your treating physician, can help you gather the evidence needed to explain these gaps.
We can help you get the compensation you deserve. Contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for more information and for detailed answers to your questions.


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