What to Verify Before Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

Verify before hiring an L.A. personal injury attorney

Updated on Saturday 25th February 2017

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What-to-Verify-Before-Hiring-a-Personal-Injury-Attorney.jpgSearching for a personal injury lawyer to represent you is easy when you have access to such a large amount of information. You can research both online and offline but it is often useful to know just where to look. What are the main issues to verify before hiring one of the available Los Angeles personal injury attorneys

Trial experience

How many cases has the potential lawyer handled? And what is his area of expertise? The Los Angeles personal injury attorneys may choose to specialize in a certain field or niches, such as vehicle accidents, slip and falls or catastrophic injuries. It is also useful to know how many of the attorney’s previous cases have made it to court. The actual experience in the courthouse is extremely important.

Negotiation experience

In some cases, the attorney will first need to negotiate with an insurance claim adjuster. If this happens you want to make sure that he or she has very good negotiation skills and that they understand the tactics commonly used by insurance agencies in order to minimize their client’s claim.

Rate of success

How many court cases has the attorney handled during his years of practice and how many of these were successful? Knowing how many wins and losses he has gathered over the years can serve as a means of calculating an average rate of success


A lawyer needs to immediately the strong and weak points in a case. It is important that he or she handles the case according to its particularities and adapts to the available evidence and information to build a solid case. He needs to have the ability to understand not only the case facts but also your losses.

Revoked or suspended license

This is a very important item to verify before hiring a personal injury attorney. The reason for the suspension may be important and it is also useful to know how the lawyer received the right to practice once more.
When meeting for the first time with the personal injury lawyer you can prepare a list of questions. You can then narrow down your number of options based on the responses.
Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are ready to answer all of your questions during a preliminary visit. You can contact us to schedule an appointment to talk more about your case.


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