Types of Injuries in Case of Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Types of Injuries in Case of Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Updated on Sunday 12th February 2017

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Types-of-Injuries-in-Case-of-Car-Accidents-in-Los-Angeles.jpgCar accidents in Los Angeles are a common cause of injuries, both minor and severe. These types of incidents also account for a significant part of the personal injury complaints. These incidents are also important causes of material damage, which can account for a significant, if not larger amount of the compensation amount.
The types of injuries that result from a car accident vary in severity and depend largely on how the crash occurred. Immediate and adequate medical care is extremely important in all personal injury cases. After you have treated the injuries you can start thinking about talking to one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys to find out more about the compensations you can receive according to the type of injury you’ve suffered from.

Common injuries after car accidents in Los Angeles

Victims of car crashes suffer from various types of injuries. Some injuries are more common and can be attributed to less severe car crashes. Others, when the impact and the damage were substantial, can completely change the victim’s life and are referred to as catastrophic injuries.
Types of injuries resulted after vehicle accidents in L.A. include:
- head and back injuries;
- spinal cord damage;
- neck injuries;
- broken bones.
Victims involved in pedestrian accidents or motorcycle accidents can suffer from even more serious injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries or severed limbs. 
Even if the injuries to not appear too severe you should seek medical attention after the accident. A medical evaluation and report are very important if you are planning on seeking monetary compensation for the physical injuries resulted after the accident. One of our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can help you use the medical records as evidence in your case.

Compensations for vehicle injuries

If you or a family member or friend were involved in a car accident you can consider talking to a personal injury attorney to find out how you can obtain compensation for your injuries. You can receive monetary compensation for the medical bills and even compensation for the emotional distress which is not uncommon after vehicle accidents. 
In some cases, the vehicle accident and can trigger an older injury or underlying medical problem. The defense attorney will usually try to undermine the importance of these recurrent medical problems and pin the cause on another trigger and not the accident itself. If this is the case, one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers will help you prove that the car accident was the one that caused you the medical problems.
The State of California has various laws governing personal injury accidents and you should start seeking legal advice as soon after the accident as possible, in order to avoid exceeding the two-year statute of limitation.
One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you with a case evaluation if you were injured in a car accident in California. 


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