Preparing Your Deposition as Victim of a Personal Injury

Preparing Your Deposition as a Victim of a Personal Injury

Updated on Saturday 25th February 2017

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Preparing-Your-Deposition-as-Victim-of-a-Personal-Injury.jpgA personal injury case is based on the deposition of the injured party (the plaintiff). The success or failure in obtaining the largest amount of compensations will lie on the ability to prove negligence and provide relevant and undeniable proof for this matter.  This question session takes place in the presence of a court representative and the defense attorney and it will be scheduled after you have decided to take legal action and the defendant was notified of this. One of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who specialize in personal injury cases can help you make sure that you prepare as well as possible for the deposition.

How to prepare a deposition, helped by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney

The evidence on which the personal injury case is built is very important. Medical records are among the key pieces of evidence that make up a good deposition. The personal injury attorney will gather all the medical records, testimonies from the treating physician and, if relevant to the case, even present the patient’s medical history to show that the injury exacerbated previous illnesses. 
The medical records from the past are also relevant as the attorney of the defense will usually try to bring forward existing medical problems to justify for not having to pay compensations for a particular injury.
The plaintiff’s deposition takes place in the presence of the defense attorney. The manner in which you answer the questions is relevant for the future development of the case and it is the other party’s right to ask you these questions. The defense attorney will try to find out what your injuries were and how well you are able to prove that the accident was to blame for these injuries.
You will answer the questions under oath and in the presence of a court reporter. It is important to know that you can rehearse this question session in advance with the help of your personal injury lawyer. He will be able to give you general guidelines on how to best answer a particular question.
The questions will cover important information about the accident, background information and relevant details about the medical treatment you received for your injuries. 
Our lawyers invite you to watch a video that answers some common questions about giving a deposition in a personal injury case

Building the personal injury case

A detailed timeline of the accident is also useful in the deposition. The lawyer together with the victim can work together to document the exact actions and steps that lead to the accident and the ones that were taken immediately afterward. 
The police report, any existing photographs from the scene of the accident and eyewitness reports are also important when building a personal injury case.
One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will schedule as many meetings as necessary so that your deposition is prepared in detail and without omitting any significant details. The attorney will also explain to you how you should answer the questions, what to say or don’t say.
Contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers today if you were involved in an accident that caused physical, material or emotional damage. Our agents will only charge you after the case is settled in court in your favor. 


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