Premises Accidents in L.A.

Premises Accidents in L.A.

Updated on Saturday 11th February 2017

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A person injured in an accident in Los Angeles that took place on someone else’s property can, under the right circumstances, ask for just compensation for the injuries or losses sustained as a result of the premises accident in L.A. Just like in the case of slip and fall accidents, these types of accidents can be attributed to negligence on the part of the owner of the building or establishment. 
A specialized team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys is able to assist you if you have been involved in such an accident and, by working with a professional lawyer, you can obtain the highest amount of compensation for your injuries.

Types of premises accidents in L.A.

Although not any unfortunate event can be blamed on the surrounding conditions, sometimes we slip and fall or we trip because the premises were not taken care of accordingly or because the landlord or responsible person did not attend to a certain issue in time, in order to avoid such an accident.
Common types of premises injuries include not only slip/trip and fall accidents, but also accidents that occurred due to falling objects or unsafe conditions, accidents that took place on a playground or in or around a swimming pool.
Assault cases can also take place on someone else’s property, This can be a commercial complex or an office building but if you were attacked and injured in such a public place, the landlord or manager can be held liable for failure to secure the premises, especially if the company based in the building or the commercial complex should have had hired a security guard to patrol the premises. Dog bites are usually included in a separate category but they can also be a premises accident when the attack took place in the dog owner’s house. 
Victims of premises accidents in California can sustain serious injuries that can result in paralysis or other spinal injuries (caused by falling on stairs, for example), burns, broken bones and others. Although no one can imagine these worst case scenarios, if such an accident does happen, you should know that you are entitled to monetary compensations for premises accidents in LA.
Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys invite you to watch a short video about premises liability in California:


Liability for premises accidents in California

A premises accident in California that occurred due to the negligence of another party can be acted upon in court. The plaintiff must gather enough evidence to support the case, as not any simple accident can be attributed to another party. If the injured person also had an important contribution to the development of the event, then the case may not be as strong and the injured party may not receive the desired compensation. According to the California Civil Jury Instructions, the plaintiff in a premises liability case needs to be able to present certain essential elements such as the fact that the defendant actually occupies, owns or controls the property where the accident took place. The plaintiff must also prove that the owner’s negligence was the factor that caused the injury.
Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can evaluate your accident and help you build a strong case. With the help of our lawyers you can receive compensations for:
- medical bills,
- any other types of material losses,
- any lost wages due to the inability to work,
- others.
If someone close to you was fatally injured in an accident in L.A., our personal injury lawyers in California can also help you in wrongful death cases.
Please contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys to schedule an appointment and find out more about our services and prices.


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