Notification Letters for Injury Claims in Los Angeles

Notification Letters for Injury Claims in Los Angeles

Updated on Tuesday 28th February 2017

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Notification-Letters-for-Injury-Claims-in-Los-Angeles.jpgOne of the first steps to take after a personal injury is to notify the responsible party that an accident took place and you intend to take legal action. It is important to determine who will need to be notified about the accident and this depends on the type of accident in which you were involved. If, for example, you were involved in a vehicle accident, you will need to notify the drivers involved, your insurance company and perhaps even the company that owned the car, if you were driving a company car.
Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you write the notification letter for a personal injury claim.

Information included in the claim notification letter

The letter of notification should be a simple description of the accident that contains the basic and essential details about the date of the accident and your identification details. You should also request a written response. The notification letter should include the following:
- your name, address, and telephone number; 
- the date of the accident and location - specific details can be discussed later;
- if the letter is addressed to an individual or business you can request information about their insurance carrier.
The fault for the accident is not discussed at this point, nor are the personal injuries you have suffered in the accident. You will be able to use this information to your advantage at a later point while trying to obtain compensations for your injuries.

A demand letter that will include the information about the injuries, negligence, fault and the claims for the damages can later follow the notification letter. This second letter is sent at a later stage because you need the time to finish all of the medical treatments associated with the procedure and have a clear image of the treatment costs.

The notification letter does not need to include the fact that you have chosen to work with one of the existing Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. If the other party fails to respond or comply, your attorney may choose to send another letter on your behalf later on. 

Our attorneys invite you to watch the following short video on writing notification letters

Useful information for personal injury victims in L.A. 

If you are willing to take legal action in a personal injury case, it is best to send the notification letter as soon as possible. The state of California has a certain statute of limitations and any delays can reduce your chances for a fair trial.
The notification letter for an injury claim is not the equivalent of filing a personal injury lawsuit. It does not obligate you to take legal action afterward, however, if you decide to do so, the letter which has already been sent will prevent the other party from claiming that it had no knowledge about your accident.

If the notification letter is addressed to your insurance company, like in the case of a vehicle or motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, you can also include more details about the other party or parties involved in the accident. When the letter is addressed to a company (not an insurance company), you may ask them to refer the letter to their insurance carrier as soon as possible. 

It is important to include the issue date on every notification letter you send and keep a copy for yourself. You may try to resend the letter if other party or the insurance company have failed to respond to your accident notification within a reasonable amount of time (a usual time to process can be approximately two weeks). 

Some of the most common types of accidents for which victims write notification letters are slip and fall accidents. Our personal injury lawyers can help you throughout all of the phases of a personal injury lawsuit.
If you have been injured as the result of someone else’s negligence, please do not hesitate to contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.


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