How to Prove that the Accident Caused the Injury

How to Prove that the Accident Caused the Injury

Updated on Saturday 11th March 2017

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In order to obtain compensations after a personal injury, the victim must prove that the other party can be accused of negligence and also that the accident caused the injury and not some other event. In some cases, the fault is evident, but injuries that do not appear serious after the accident and evolve over time will need to be justified. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you prove that your injury was caused or aggravated by an accident caused by a third party, such as a vehicle accident.

Legal liability in personal injury cases in Los Angeles

One of the important proof used to determine an accident caused a personal injury in Los Angeles is the legal liability. No matter the type of accident suffered, both the plaintiff and the defendant will try and prove whose fault it was when the accident happened.

The plaintiff has various resources when filing a claim after a personal injury and the most employed ones are proving it was negligence and the lack of duty of care at the time of the accident. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help in many types of accidents which usually imply these two important factors. Among these, slip and fall accidents, car crashes, workplace incidents, birth injuries, defective products injuries are the most frequent ones.

Legal liability can be shown through evidence such as the testimony of witnesses, photos from the accident, medical records, proof of loss of income from not going to work, police reports, etc.

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Damages are proof for accidents

The damages caused by an accident can also be used as proof when trying to demonstrate it caused a personal injury. Once more, the evidence such as the medical records right after the accident occurred supported by a specialists’ opinions can show that the damages caused the personal injury. By specialists, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys mean not only doctors but also experts in the domain in which the accident can be entered.

When considering damages as the main proof that the accident caused a personal injury in Los Angeles, the compensation is the most important one. Compensation can be claimed for both economic and non-economic damages. These compensations are usually granted by the insurance company which will try and settle the case before a lawsuit is filed. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can assist individuals who want to file lawsuits after suffering an accident or can advise them during the negotiations with the insurance company for obtaining the right compensation.

 Causation in personal injury claims

In most personal injury accidents, especially severe ones, there will be no problem to establish and prove that the accident itself was the only reason for an injury or illness. This can be easily proved for catastrophic accidents and even for burn victims. A good personal injury lawyer will be able to help you prove that the accident has harmed you and obtain the maximum amount of compensations.

Victims who do not appear to be badly injured immediately after the accident will generally have a harder time proving that an injury, condition or illness has developed as a result of that accident and not a subsequent event. For example, victims of slip and fall accidents might not experience a lot of back pain at first, but they can discover that they have back pains and problems sometime after the accident, as a direct result of a fall they didn’t pay attention to at that time.

The key to proving that a particular event caused the injury lies in the medical records and testimonies from medical professionals.

Using the evidence to make a solid claim

Our L.A. personal injury attorneys have helped clients claim their rightful compensations after they discovered a latent injury from an accident. Our lawyers will use all the possible evidence, especially medical records, medical bills and direct testimonies from your physician. Your family and friends can also testify that your general health condition has changed after the accident.

Elderly victims are more prone to suffer from aggravations of pre-existing medical problems. Our personal injury attorneys can help you if you are an elderly personal injury victim.

You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers if you have been involved in an accident in the state of California and need help obtaining compensations.




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