How to Prove an Injury Caused by a Truck Accident

How to Prove an Injury Caused by a Truck Accident

Updated on Friday 19th May 2017

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How-to-Prove-an-Injury-Caused-by-a-Truck Accident.jpgVictims of truck accidents in California need to prove that the truck driver is indeed the one who caused the accident and thus the injuries. Proving that the injury was sustained in the truck accident is showing, supported by evidence, that the truck driver was reckless and/or negligent.
These types of cases can become more complicated than usual vehicle accidents in L.A. because most of the time the truck is a company car and the driver is an employee. Asking for professional legal help from one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you win your case.

Negligence in truck accidents

Negligence is a key factor when proving a truck accident claim in Los Angeles. In most cases, it is easy to show that the driver was not paying attention although he had a clear duty of care towards the other traffic participants and their safety. This fist element of duty is easy to show but plaintiffs will also need to prove that the truck driver breached that duty.
The following type of evidence are useful when proving a truck accident injury:
- eyewitness testimonies: other driver’s testimonies can be used and you will also be asked to give your own testimony or deposition;
- other charges on the other party: does the truck belong to a company that was involved in multiple vehicle accident lawsuits? Maybe you and your Los Angeles personal injury attorney can use this fact to show that the driver was reckless;
- expert testimony: this depends on the factors that lead to the crash; however, an expert can prove certain facts or debunk the defense’s claims.

The settlement for truck accident injuries

Victims of truck accidents can use the medical reports and bills to show that the accident was a direct cause for their losses and injuries. It is important to prove that a certain injury was caused precisely by the truck accident.
When calculating the final settlement, victims can also include lost wages, apart from the medical expenses.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for more information on how to make your claim for a truck accident injury.


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