How to Prove a Brain Injury

How to Prove a Brain Injury

Updated on Friday 23rd June 2017

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How-to-Prove-a-Brain-Injury.jpgBrain injuries severely alter the life of the victim. The types of injuries can range in severity and this is an important factor when presenting your case. However, regardless of the actual traumatism, proving that a brain injury took place will usually mean showing either the extension of the injuries from the accident or how a physician was negligent, whichever was the cause of the traumatic brain harm.
Certain proof requirements apply in these types of cases and one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you meet the demands for bringing forward evidence.

Proving how the brain injury took place

Objective medical findings, like those from a CT scan or an MRI, are important for all brain injuries or concussions. Your physician has an important role in helping you prove a brain injury. He can offer testimonies as to the severity of the injury and, if needed, these findings can be backed up by another physician. Depending on the case, the defendant or the insurance company may demand that their own assigned physician evaluates your medical records. 
There are many cases of mild traumatic brain injuries with subtle or minimal symptoms that are harder to prove, compared to severe traumatisms. These individuals may show symptoms only months after the accident, symptoms which will still impact their quality of life. This scenario is commonly seen in vehicle accidents.
Brain injuries can also happen while at work. This is the case in some workplace or construction accidents. In these situations, the victim may claim worker’s compensation with the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

Showing damages in brain injury cases 

It is important to seek appropriate medical care after the accident, whether the brain traumatism is mild or severe. Because the treatment and recovery can be both extensive and expensive, victims will claim compensation for the medical bills, the future medical bills and, if needed, life care costs.
Compensation for loss of enjoyment of life as well as for pain and suffering is also possible.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for more information and advice on how to bring forward proof for brain injuries and other types of accidents.


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