How to Prove a Boat Accident in Los Angeles

How to Prove a Boat Accident in Los Angeles

Updated on Thursday 15th June 2017

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How-to-Prove-a-Boat-Accident-in-Los-Angeles.jpgBoat accidents can ruin a vacation along California’s coast. Although a popular pastime, boating has several inherent risks. Knowing how to behave while on a boat will help you stay out of danger but if an accident does happen it also helps to know how you can prove that your injuries are directly linked to the boat accident. 
Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are ready to help you prove a boat accident in Los Angeles. We can evaluate your case to see how easily you are able to obtain compensations. 

Proving liability in a boating accident

In most boating accidents, liability is based on negligence: one of the boat staff, the trip organizer or someone who should have shown a reasonable amount of care towards the passengers failed to do so. In other cases, the cause of the accident may be driving under the influence.
When proving that the accident caused the injuries the plaintiff must start by showing that the defendant had the duty of care (for example he was the organizer of a boating trip) and failed to observe this duty of care (failed to properly train the staff or failed to provide the needed safety instructions and/or equipment). The injuries must be a direct result of the accident.
Common types of boating accidents include vessel accidents, product defects, watersport accidents, driving under the influence, sudden medical emergencies. 
Boating accidents are common in the Santa Monica Bay, the Long Beach Area or Catalina Island Area. If you are injured in Los Angeles or another Californian city you can talk to one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.
We invite you to watch the following video on boat accidents and how to prove liability: 

Compensations for a boating accident in Los Angeles

Most of the time the compensations awarded to the victim hurt in a boating accident are monetary and cover the medical expenses, both the initial ones and those associated with further treatment and recovery. An experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you claim damages for more than the medical bills: you can also ask for monetary compensations for the wages lost during the recovery period. In special cases, the victims may claim damages for pain and suffering. This applies in severe injury cases like a brain or spinal cord injuries that can lead to loss of enjoyment of life and completely change the victim’s life.
You have the right to seek monetary compensation for the losses you’ve suffered in a boating accident.
Contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for more information and an initial case consultation. 


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