Defective Car Parts, the Cause of the Personal Injury

Defective Car Parts that Caused Accidents

Updated on Sunday 12th February 2017

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Defective-car-parts-the-cause-of-personal-injuryThere are many causes to car accidents and determining them, as well as pointing out the liable party is not an easy task. Hours of collecting evidence, testimonies, expert analyses and many others are required when filing a claim for personal injuries caused by a car accident. Many times, the main reason of the accident is defective car parts and in this situation the case is even more complicated. If you have suffered a car crash caused by defective parts of the vehicle, you can rely on our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys to build a strong case.

The most common causes of defective car parts

It is normal for cars to break and for the owner to replace certain parts. When purchasing the spare parts, the owner can buy original ones or after-market ones, the latter being of inferior quality and thus easier to break down. No matter the car parts used to fix a vehicle, all manufacturers must comply with the requirements of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations.

The most common defect car parts causing accidents are:

  • -          tire defects;
  • -          electrical system failure;
  • -          airbags going off without any impact occurring;
  • -          break system failure.

No matter the defective part, car accidents can inflict serious personal injuries or may even be the cause of death of the victim, therefore seeking legal assistance from Los Angeles personal injury lawyers is imperative, especially when dealing with such a case.

How to prove defective car parts caused an accident

Evidence is the most important factor of the puzzle when having to solve a case in which a defective car did not perform correctly and provoked the accident. The L.A. personal injury attorneys can invoke product liability or negligence when filing a claim as a result of a car accident. The evidence used to support the claim will usually rely on expert testimonies, police reports and photos from car crash scene.

With respect to the compensation one could obtain after a car accident caused by defective parts, both economic and non-economic damages could be sought with the insurance company or in a court of law.

No matter the way you want to pursue justice if you suffered personal injuries caused by car accident, do not hesitate to contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for legal assistance.



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