Compensation for Smaller Injuries: Tooth Damage Compensations

Compensation for Smaller Injuries: Tooth Damage Compensation

Updated on Thursday 06th July 2017

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Compensation-for-Smaller-Injuries-Tooth-Damage-Compensations.jpgPersonal injury accidents don’t just include life-changing or debilitating injuries. Sometimes even small vehicle accidents can cause harm in the form of tooth damage, sprains, mild neck injuries and others. Victims can still claim compensation for treating these smaller injuries.
Personal injury cases that include tooth damage can be settled for a reasonable amount that will cover the dental work needed to fix the victim’s appearance. One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you estimate the value of your claim.

Estimating the compensation for tooth damage

Accurately valuing smaller injuries is an important step after being involved in a personal injury accident. These injuries may represent the entirety of the damages you’ve suffered from or they can add to other injuries.
Examples of compensations for tooth damages include those for:
- broken teeth;
- cracked or chipped teeth;
- lacerated lips;
- permanent lip scarring.
These injuries can occur as a result or a vehicle accident, assault or battery or premises liability claims like slip and fall injuries. The value of the claim should be calculated with the help of a dentist or a medical professional for more extensive lips/face injuries. Valuing the tooth damage can also be performed with the help of one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers after you’ve had your initial consultation and evaluation for treatment.

Getting damages for tooth injuries after a personal injury accident

You can use a settlement calculator to estimate the amount of compensation you can start your negotiation from. It is important to include all of the possible damages because, in most cases, plaintiffs will not get a chance to recalculate their damages.
Another important step is to determine the defendant’s liability. Your chance of obtaining compensations, even for smaller injuries, depends on whether or not the defendant is found guilty and if you had any involvement in the accident. For example, if the jury also finds that you are to blame, the final settlement amount will be reduced by that specific percentage of fault. You can talk more about shared fault with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.
Contact us for more information and advice on how to calculate the settlement in a personal injury case.


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