Can You Get Compensation for Stress and Anxiety?

Can You Get Compensation for Stress and Anxiety?

Updated on Friday 07th July 2017

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Can-You-Get-Compensation-for-Stress-and-Anxiety-in-a-Personal-Injury-Case.pngVictims of personal injury accidents deal with treating the injuries but they are often left with handling the negative effects of a traumatic and very stressful event. The injury itself, the negotiation with the insurance company and the hurdles of the legal process are all sources of stress. 
Stress and anxiety can be included in the non-economic damages list. These types of damages are known to be harder to quantify but it is not impossible, especially if they are medically documented. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you obtain damages for pain and suffering. 

Stress and anxiety included in damages for pain and suffering

Non-economic damage is a term that encompasses the monetary compensation which may be awarded for the emotional impact the accident has on the victim’s life. Stress and anxiety can be included in the category of pain and suffering damages. 
Stress in itself can sometimes be a medically-documented injury. The most commonly documented form is post-traumatic stress disorder and it is not uncommon for victims to suffer from it. Depression, anxiety, insomnia and other symptoms can all indicate post-traumatic stress, whether if it is from a vehicle accident or some other situation that lead to a catastrophic injury, for example. 
While we all have to deal with stress on a daily basis, victims of personal injury accident will have to put up with much more than that. The help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney is very useful for trying to obtain compensation in these mentally harming situations.  

Compensations for pain and suffering after a personal injury accident

Not every type of personal injury claim will allow for the recovery of these type of damages. If they can be awarded in your case, a multiplier and a formula will typically be used to calculate non-economic damages.
The nature of the injury, the circumstances in which the accident took place and specific medical recommendations can be used in your favor when trying to obtain compensations for pain and suffering.
One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you cover the costs and treatment for the stress, anxiety and the related conditions you are suffering from as a result of the accident.
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