Calculating Compensations: Injuries You Suffered

Calculating Compensations: Injuries You Suffered (3)

Updated on Saturday 25th February 2017

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Calculating-Compensations-Personal-Injuries-You-Suffered.jpgNot all injuries are physical. Victims involved in personal injuries accidents can remain traumatized by the incident. If the accident was violent, if a friend or relative died in the vehicle accident or if they went through tremendous pain and suffering after being severely injured, victims can be compensated for emotional pain and distress.
Negotiating the settlement means calculating a reasonable yet sufficient amount to cover all of your losses. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you obtain enough compensations, regardless of the type of accident you were involved in.

Calculating physical injuries

The compensations for physical injuries are some of the easiest to calculate, along with property damage. Having the medical bills and totaling the expenses will provide a very accurate image of the total costs related to the injury. The plaintiff can also include future medical treatments for recovery. 
Our settlement calculator can help you determine a correct amount, according to the following types of losses:
- medical care: all of the treatment related to the injury including future expenses;
- lost earnings;
- lost income in the future;
- property damages.
The calculator works by using a medium multiplier, the same way insurance companies calculate the settlement for their clients. This is a commonly used method although not many insurance companies will reveal how their insurance claim adjuster decides the final settlement amount.
A lawyer can help you negotiate with the insurance company if their initial offering is below what you have calculated for your injuries.

Calculating emotional pain and distress

While it is true that insurance companies will focus on what they can pay you for the actual monetary losses, you should also know that you can claim compensations for emotional pain and distress.
Spouses who have lost their significant other in a wrongful death case, for example, can make a loss of consortium claim. Other claims for loss of quality of life or enjoyment of life can be made when the individual has moved past the pain and suffering but cannot resume his or her life as it used to be before the accident. This can happen with severe spinal cord injuries when the victim will continue to live in a wheelchair.
When a personal injury case is taken to court the jury will often determine a fixed amount that will be awarded on a daily basis, for a pre-set period of time for pain and suffering. 
Non-economic damages are best calculated with the help of one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers who is able to evaluate your case and give you complete details on how much you can ask for.
Contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys if you need professional legal advice and assistance for calculating compensations for the injuries you have suffered. 


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