Your Options if the Worker's Compensation Plan was Denied

Written by: Editor

Your-Options-if-the-Workers-Compensation-Plan-was-Denied.jpgVictims injured in workplace accidents have the option of asking for their worker’s compensation plan. But what can you do when the employer and/or the insurance company denies this claim? One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you decide on the most suitable option when your worker’s compensation plan is rejected or denied.

Appeal the denial

Employees who have been hurt in a workplace accident or while they were on a job assignment can, in most cases, ask for a worker’s compensation plan. However, it is not unusual for the employer or the insurance company to deny this claim. Common grounds for the denial of the worker’s compensation plan include:
- the injury was not work-related;
- the medical expenses were unneeded or unrelated to the injury;
- there is no need for lost wages payment or for time off work.
Victims who find that their employers deny their claim for a worker’s compensation plan are left with the option of requesting a hearing before the  Worker’s Comp Appeals Board (WCAB). One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you during this time and can help you file the special form, which is called the Declaration of Readiness to Proceed. Before submitting this claim you also have to submit your valid worker’s compensation case number.

Seek professional legal help

Working with one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help improve your chances of obtaining the worker’s compensation plan. One of our attorneys can also help you negotiate a settlement that will help you cover the injuries sustained in the work accident.
Contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers if you are in need of legal representation in case of workplace injuries or for any questions on the worker’s compensation plan.