Your First Appointment with a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

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Your-First-Appointment-with-a-Los-Angeles-Personal-Injury-Attorney.jpgBeing involved in a personal injury accident for the first time will require an understanding of the steps that follow and, for some, it will also mean that they will schedule the first appointment with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Your first meeting will essentially be an interview about what happened and how you were affected. The lawyer will need this information in order to determine if the case is valid and, if so, how it is better to pursue it. 

What to expect during the first appointment

Every personal injury case in different, not only in terms of damages but also how it impacts the victims. Your case will benefit if you choose to work with one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who have experience in your particular type of accident and has won cases like these before. Choosing your personal injury attorney may mean that you will have to do some research. 
Your first meeting will be a series of questions so that the attorney will be able to determine the validity of your case and how to handle it from then onward. A sincere and open conversation about the accident will help both you and the lawyer, who will be able to tell you just how much your case is worth.
For an initial estimate, you can also use our settlement calculator.

What to bring for your first appointment

Once you have decided to work with a lawyer he or she will ask you to bring the evidence to show that the accident caused the injuries. This means any medical bills for treating the injuries after the accident and proof of lost income (lost business opportunities or statements from your employer). The strength of the case will largely depend on these documents.
One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can evaluate your case and tell you more about the value of your settlement and whether or not your case can be solved out of court, through negotiation.
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