Worker's Compensation for Employee's Travel Personal Injuries

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Workers-Compensation-for-Employees-Travel-Personal-Injuries.jpgWorkers who are injured while traveling for business purposes may be eligible for worker’s compensation plan for the medical expenses associated with their injuries and the lost wages. This plan is designed to cover all types of injuries the employee suffers from while performing his job duties, including those sustained while traveling. Negotiating with the insurance company and the employer is important in these cases and you may want to request the help provided by one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

Traveling injuries covered by worker’s compensation

The worker’s compensation plan covers any type of injury that takes place within the working hours. They may vary according to the type of work and the inherent dangers and risks, but they can also be used for injuries sustained while traveling for business purposes.
The accidents do not necessarily need to include traveling by airplane to another State or country.It can be one while traveling from the office to a client meeting or an appointment. If you are injured, you should report the accident to your superior as soon as you are able to. The employer will provide you with an accident report that needs to be filled in. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you make your injury claim.

Compensations for injuries in business travels

The coverage provided by a worker’s compensation plan will typically include the medical treatment, rehabilitation therapies, and benefits for lost working days (although most of these plans include a cap on these amounts). Pain and suffering are not covered by a worker’s compensation plan.
The coverage of the insurance plan should be thoroughly determined before making a claim. While most injuries are covered by this plan, plaintiffs should know that they are only compensated for those injuries sustained strictly within the working hours. For example, if you are injured while commuting from work to home, it is unlikely that the claim will hold.
A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can provide you with more information on the coverage level after a preliminary consultation. 
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for more information on travel injuries for employees and other types of personal injuries.