Who is Responsible for Child Bicycle Accidents?

Written by: Editor

Bicycle accidents are not uncommon, especially in highly transited urban areas like Los Angeles and other Californian cities. Injuries occurred after this type of accident can range in severity, however, the nature of the case becomes more sensitive when the victim is a child, a minor. When children suffer bicycle accidents, and not the simple knee scratches, who is to blame and who can be accused of negligence? Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can assist parents and their children who have been injured while they were out and bout on their bicycles. 

Negligence in case of children involved in bicycle accidents

Children love to play and to explore and they will be more than happy to venture out on their bicycles in the neighborhood. Sometimes, these expeditions can have an unfortunate end if the child is injured in an accident that takes place between him and a driver. 
In these cases, the law tends to investigate not the negligence of the child but that of one of the caretakers. Because the minor cannot be held liable, and thus pay damages, according to law, if the child was found negligent then the parents or the legal guardians will be held accountable. 
Comparative negligence is an important rule for personal injury accidents in California and victims should know how to observe these provisions. Our team of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can help victims comply with the regulations.

Duty of care

Drivers have a duty of care towards bikers, however, the fault may be shared with the adult caretaker who will have to prove that he could not have prevented the accident. The defendant will try to prove that they, as parents or caretakers, have fulfilled their duties. At the same time, the plaintiff will try to show that he, as the driver, fulfilled his duty of care.
Bicycle accidents where children are involved can be prevented if the parents educate their children on basic safety rules but also if the drivers exercise more care.
Parents who have had their children involved in a bicycle accident can contact our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for complete information on how we can provide legal assistance.