Who Can You Sue for Improper Road Signage?

Written by: Editor

Who-Can-You-Sue-for-Improper-Road-Signage.jpgNegligence is one of the most frequent causes of vehicle accidents in Los Angeles and other cities throughout California. While in some cases the negligent party is another driver, sometimes improper road construction or deterioration may cause car crashes. If this is the case, then who can you sue for improper road signage? The state or the local authorities? Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you determine who is responsible for an accident that occurred due to improper road conditions and signage. 

Vehicle accidents caused by improper road signage

Road and highway areas that are under construction or in an advanced, and dangerous, degree of degradation, should be properly signaled by local governmental agencies or construction companies.
Drivers who are fined or penalized for violating special temporary road rules or for speeding in these construction areas should have been properly informed by the city or state authorities that they were entering an area with special road conditions. However, in this situation, it is recommended that you talk to one of the Los Angeles personal injury attorneys if you find yourself charged for disregarding special road signals of which you were unaware because they were not signaled.
Road maintenance executed without the proper road signage can result in accidents, some of them severe. In this case, victims may have a strong case against the local companies or agencies that undertook the construction.

Compensation form local companies and government agencies

Victims that sustain damages or injuries because they were involved in an accident caused by poor road signage can claim compensation from the governmental agency or company. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys who specialize in vehicle accidents can give you complete information about the special standards, procedures, and signs that need to be in place in these situations. 
Our lawyers can help you pursue a claim for city authority or company negligence. Contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for special legal assistance in California.