What to Do if Accused of Faking the Injury

Written by: Editor

What-to-Do-if-Accused-of-Faking-the-Injury.jpgIt is not uncommon for insurance companies to use any strategy possible to diminish or even invalidate your claim. If the insurance company adjuster finds something in your statement that seems contradictory to the events, you can be accused of faking the injury. Should this happen, your claim may be denied. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you prepare the evidence from the beginning so that negotiating with the insurance claim adjuster becomes easier.

How important is evidence?

Insurance companies can offer you a much lower compensation than you deserve for your injuries or in some cases they may simply accuse you of faking the injury so they don’t have to pay you at all. If this happens, your next step should be to follow up with evidence that clearly contradicts their fake injury claim.
A key element when negotiating with the insurance claim adjuster is to bring irrefutable evidence. This can come in different forms and doesn’t concern the types of documents you deliver. It also relies to a significant extent on how you behave after being injured.  For example, large gaps in the medical treatment or failure to follow-up with the exact prescribed treatment may entitle the insurance company to claim that you are not hurt as badly as you claim and that you don’t deserve the initial compensation. 
One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you with another solution if the insurance company accuses you of faking the injury: invalidating their evidence. This is an option when evidence can be interpreted in more than one way. 

What are your options?

When the insurance company denies your claim or unfairly reduces its value to an unacceptable amount, you can file a lawsuit and claim your damages in court. 
The help of a lawyer can be invaluable in personal injury cases, especially those that are based on not-so-obvious pieces of evidence.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for more information on how to negotiate with the insurance company. Our attorneys will be happy to discuss your case during an initial consultation.