What Happens if You Try to Fraud the Insurance System About a Personal Injury

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Insurance fraud takes place when an individual or company tries to obtain a benefit or advantages that should not be theirs or when they try to deny such benefit or advantage to which another individual or company is entitled. This type of fraud can occur in auto accidents and victims of personal injury accidents should know when or if they are entitled to claim insurance benefits so that they can avoid falling into one of the situations that are considered fraudulent in California. One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you with adequate legal counseling if you are trying to claim insurance benefits.

What is classified as an auto insurance fraud

Claiming insurance benefits after a personal injury sustained in a vehicle accident is common in California, however, there are situations in which it is illegal to file a claim with an insurance claim company. These situations are included in the Penal Code and are briefly described below by our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers:
Willfully submitting a false claim for insurance benefits
Making multiple claims for the same injury
Causing or participating in a vehicle accident
Presenting a false claim for auto theft
Preparing false evidence (in writing) to support a false claim

How to avoid auto insurance fraud

Out of these situations, individuals may need legal help when submitting a claim for an auto insurance benefit in order to avoid the situation in which they can be accused of submitting multiple claims for the same injury. A lawyer can help you draw up the claim and base it on existing evidence, such as the medical reports. These documents will clearly specify the types of injuries and, based on these, you can calculate the compensations.
Seeking proper legal aid can be helpful in your case because it will ensure that you will present a valid insurance claim for the injuries you’ve sustained.
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