The Qualifications of an Expert Witness

Written by: Editor

Expert witnesses as brought to help in those personal injury cases where a qualified professional can shed a new light on the facts related to the case. However, not any professional brought in for consultation on a personal injury case will be able to produce a testimony that can be used in court. The federal law demands a set of special qualifications for an expert witness. One of our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can help you hire such an expert if the case demands it.

The credentials of an expert witness

The requirement for an expert witnesses’ qualifications has paramount importance when the plaintiff wishes to bring the case to court. In these situations, the expert called in on the case must present adequate credentials, according to state laws. In other situations, for example when negotiating with the insurance claim adjuster, the stringent requirements for qualification may be less restrictive and the plaintiff may bring forward a different kind of expert.
Knowledge and experience in a relevant field of study for the personal injury case are very important. According to the California Evidence Code, an expert witness may prove his or her special experience, skill, training or education by presenting the adequate credentials and based on his/her own testimony. Moreover, the expert must be able to give a full testimony. The relevance and admissibility of the expert witness testimony will largely depend on his qualifications. 
The chosen method of presenting scientific facts must also be taken into consideration, now only the credential of the professional.

Bringing an expert witness in your case

The decision to bring in an expert witness who can help you your personal injury case can be discussed with one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. It is important to know that the expert witness will have to give a full testimony and that he/she may be cross-examined as any other witnesses, to the extent deemed necessary for the lawsuit in question.
You can contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for more information on expert witnesses and evidence used in a personal injury trial.