The Independent Medical Examination Requested by the Defendant

Written by: Editor

In personal injury cases, the victim can state that his or her physical and mental health and integrity have been compromised because of the accident. When this happens, the defendant can request an independent medical examination, meaning that the plaintiff will need to undergo specific procedures performed by a medical professional hired by the defendant. The help of one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can be important when preparing the meeting with this examiner so that your claim should not suffer following this additional investigation.

What can you expect?

An independent medical examination can take place both for physical claims but also for emotional ones, like when the plaintiff claims compensation for pain and suffering. The medical professional hired by the defendant cannot make false statements, therefore he will not be able to lie but it may not be uncommon that their findings will favor the defendant. This does not mean that your case is abated, however, legal guidance during these steps may be particularly helpful.
You can expect more than one examinations, according to the types of injuries you’ve declared. As such, you may be subject to a physical examination (or more, if needed) and a psychological one. You will not have to pay for these visits and you do not have to follow the medical instructions issued by these physicians. 
Offering sufficient information about the injury can be helpful and so is treating this appointment like an ordinary visit to the doctor. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you with some guidelines on what information you should reveal.

What will the examination target?

The independent medical examination ordered by the defendant will generally target any signs that the plaintiff is lying about his or her condition and about the injuries caused by the accident. Therefore, any prior medical conditions will be carefully analyzed. The doctor will see if the symptoms or pain and suffering are in line with the objective and verifiable manifestations of that particular type of injury.
If you have been announced that you will be subject to an independent medical investigation you can contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for complete assistance and advice.