The Distracted Driving Law in California

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The State of California has had various attempts at developing a law that would prevent drivers from using their mobile phones while behind the wheel, thus cutting down the number of distracted driving accidents. The latest version of the Distracted Driving Law is the most prohibitive one used to date and it completely bans the use of smartphones while driving. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers describes the main provisions of this law.

Rules for mobile phone use in the car

The latest Californian law for distracted driving aims to address one of the biggest distractors: smartphones and their use during driving. According to law, individuals are not allowed to hold their phones in their hands while driving, even if it is for GPS purposes. Drivers who use their smartphones for navigation will have to install a mounting device in order to be able to continue to use their phones. Moreover, the mounting device cannot obstruct the view of the windshield.
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Distracted driving in California

Distracted driving, caused by talking on the phone, texting or simply browsing for music or navigating using the GSP, is a leading cause of vehicle accidents in California. This is a law that can affect the outcome of a personal injury trial and both parties, both the defendant and the plaintiff, are expected to observe it. 
Plaintiffs who are involved in a vehicle accident in California and are found to have disobeyed the laws for driving and using mobile devices can be held accountable for their actions and lose a percentage of their settlement equal to the percentage of fault for the accident. One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can give you more details about how this shared fault applies.
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