The Complexity of Traumatic Brain Injury Cases

Written by: Editor

Brain injury cases are some of the most complex ones that can result in a personal injury accident. The nature of these injuries makes it harder to detect them in the first place and, even more, it makes it difficult to assess their full impact. As a result, it is often challenging to calculate the settlement based on how the victim’s life will be altered by the brain injury. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can assist you in brain injury cases.

Difficulty proving the symptoms

Traumatic brain injuries can be deceiving because they do not always present themselves clearly not to the victim and not to the doctors. Some symptoms like slurred speech or partial/complete vision loss will clearly indicate that something is wrong but other will be milder in nature, like low tolerance to bright light or difficulty concentrating and may be attributed to environmental factors rather than brain-related ones. This is precisely why victims should never underestimate a head injury and they should seek a specialized consultation.
In some cases, not all traumatic brain injuries appear right after the accident. It can even take months between the date of the accident and the time the first symptoms start to show. When this period is even longer, extending to nearly one year, it is recommended to talk to a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer who will be able to help you make the claim in due time to meet the statute of limitations.

Difficulty proving the impact on the victim’s life

Another challenge comes when trying to prove that the traumatic brain injury is, in fact, responsible for an inability to work and thus the victim has lost wages and may lose future wages. This step can be especially difficult when proving the inability to perform office work as the defendant can argue that the plaintiff’s inability to work is related to completely different causes.
Seeking professional advice is helpful in these cases. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help evaluate your claim and provide you with a suitable solution. Contact us for more information about how we can help.