Should you Hire a Lawyer for Minor Car Accident Injuries?

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Not all auto accidents result in serious or debilitating injuries. Many small-scale vehicle accidents don’t seem to be worth the time or the bother. But as victims can, unfortunately, find out later, calling a lawyer even in minor injury cases is a good practice that can help you in the long run. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys will not charge you until you get your settlement. It is well worth your time to try and schedule a meeting with a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident.

Smaller injuries are not worth your trouble?

Vehicle accidents can be the source of what will seem like an endless dispute. Each of the parties will try to prove that they did not cause the crash and that the shared fault rule applies in that said accident case. While this may be true, and the victims may not have been severely injured, failing to take the necessary steps or not taking any legal steps at all prevents victims from getting the compensation that would have otherwise helped them pay for the damages.
While you may be happy that you’ve settled your vehicle accident as soon as possible, you should know that even seemingly minor injuries can hide bigger problems or can lead to the development of certain health issues. This is why it is important to seek medical care even if it seems that it is just a minor neck or back pain. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney recommends that you to seek medical help and try not to settle with the insurance agency or the defendant until you know that you are able to work properly and your doctor has confirmed that the accident does not have nor will it have certain consequences. With the help of our lawyers, you will be able to obtain compensations for the small injuries, as well as for any unforeseen complications that may arise, despite the fact that the injuries seemed small initially. In some cases, the victim is unaware that he or she had an underlying medical condition that may have been triggered by the accident. Although the defendant is only liable for the damages caused expressly by the accident, in some cases the eggshell plaintiff rule can apply in California. 
According to this rule, the defendant takes the plaintiff as he is, including the fact that he might be more sensitive or prone to a different degree of physical injury, compared to an average individual. Our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys present a simple example: in a supposed vehicle accident, the plaintiff might suffer from a minor head injury, however, depending on the person’s physical characteristics, the same type of injury may leave one with a simple bump while another might suffer from a skull fracture. These internal characteristics are unknown at the time of the accident and, for the purpose of this rule, the plaintiff is considered as sensitive as an eggshell. The defendant is to take the plaintiff as he is, including this unusual fragility. Therefore, in these special cases, the defendant will be liable for the resulting injuries which are more severe than average.
Seeking specialized assistance for small car injuries is especially important when the plaintiff can be included in the “eggshell plaintiff” category. One of our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys can provide victims with more information. We can also offer specialized assistance to plaintiffs who believe that they can be included in this category. A thorough investigation of the case and the degree of the injuries will be performed by one of our lawyers in order to determine how or if this rule can apply to a particular case.

When to call a personal injury lawyer?

You can call one of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys as soon as possible after you were involved in an accident. One of our experts will be able to tell you what steps to take to file a claim, even if you were not badly hurt and it does not seem like you can get much of a compensation.
Victims of personal injury accidents, even minor ones resulted from car crashes, can reach out to our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney in all of those cases in which liability is unclear or when the parties have entered into a dispute. In this situation, legal representation may be required. The lawyer will be able to provide adequate assistance for sorting evidence and using expert examinations when needed. Accidents that have resulted in minor injuries will not always go through a complex discovery phase, however, it is useful to seek legal counsel for the purpose of preparing evidence.
It is also recommended to request specialized assistance from our team of Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys when the insurance company commences the settlement process. During this phase, the expertise of a lawyer can help the plaintiff obtain a larger settlement amount. This is because the insurance company will most often offer a lower settlement than expected both for the injuries (immediate and long-term) and for the property damages. Our team of experts will be able to help you calculate the damages accordingly, even if the final settlement amount is not a large one. you are entitled to compensation for the medical expenses even when the procedures were not complicated ones when you haven’t undergone surgery or complicated long-term treatments.
The help of a lawyer is also relevant when the insurance claim is denied particularly because the injury is a small one. A lawyer can present your case, arguing that even though the injury is minor, through investigations may be needed in order to confirm that it did not cause damage. A common example can be a concussion which can be ignored in many cases but should be kept under observation to rule out any complications.
The State of California is, unfortunately, one in which many car accidents result in severe injuries or even death. The following statistic offers a poignant image:
  • - in 2018, the number of deaths as a result of a motorized vehicle accident was 3,651;
  • - in 2017, the number of deaths caused by vehicle accidents was 3,564.
  • - the majority of vehicles involved in these accidents were passenger cars.
Although for many victims of vehicle accidents, seeking legal help may only seem relevant when the injuries are severe or when a loved one died as a result of the crash, our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys can help victims in all cases, regardless of the severity of the injuries. Seeking specialized aid, even if it is in the form of a simple initial consultation, can provide victims with reliable information and guidance as to how to proceed if they wish to obtain compensations for the small injuries.
We can help you claim an adequate settlement amount. Contact our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys for more information on how we can assist you in all types of personal injury accidents.