Ride-sharing Personal Injury Accidents

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Ridesharing-Personal-Injury-Accidents.jpgWith ride-sharing platforms becoming more popular, people are enjoying the benefits of reducing costs for transportation but they are still susceptible to car accidents. Ride sharing is a convenient way to get around cities like Los Angles but what rights do you have as the victim of a car accident in which such a car was involved? Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys help answer your questions about car accidents in which shared cars are involved. 

Ride-sharing laws

Ride-sharing is accessible and convenient, however, there have been cases where the driver or the clients have caused personal injuries to another individual. Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons and the drivers who pick you up are subject to mistakes just like any other driver who isn’t professionally certified to transport individuals.
In a vehicle accident, the responsibility would normally fall onto the driver. They are driving their personal car and deriving income from this activity. The victim can sue the ride-sharing company, but only if he can prove that he was using the app at the time. Large ridesharing companies typically offer some degree of coverage both to the driver and the passenger and the latter has the option to report inappropriate behavior during a ride.
One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you obtain a reasonable settlement for your injuries, as part of the company’s liability coverage. It is recommended to request the help of an expert in these cases because this can become a third-party liability lawsuit. 

Compensations for victims injured in car accidents

Victims of car accidents in Los Angeles and other Californian cities are compensated for the expenses associated with the medical costs for treating the injuries. Another possible type of compensation is that for lost wages, which may be needed if the victim is unable to work for some time after the vehicle accident.
Pain and suffering can also be compensated for, especially if the vehicle accident doubles as a wrongful death case. these cases are sensitive and it is recommended to seek counseling and advice from a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.
Contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers if you were involved in a ridesharing accident in L.A. or any other Californian city.