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Record-Figure-for-Personal-Injury-Defective-Medical-Device.jpgSix individuals in California reported severe injuries after they underwent surgery for a hip replacement that used a metal hip system. A lawsuit was filed against a subsidiary belonging to the large pharmaceutical company, Johnson & Johnson, and the plaintiffs were awarded 1 billion between them. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you if you were injured by a defective medical device.

How to build a defective medical device case

Defective medical devices can cause serious injuries and have the potential to alter a patient’s life instead of improving it.
A particular defective product case was settled in December last year when six Californian plaintiffs were awarded compensations in a lawsuit against DePuy Orthopedics which manufactures a particular type of metal hip implant. These individuals were all implanted the same device and suffered from tissue necrosis and bone erosion. Their claim was based on the fact that the defective design of the implant system was the reason for the complications and side effects. The claim was also based on an accusation of false advertising for a product that was supposed to be more efficient than the same devices fabricated from a different material.
The discovery phase for this type of trial will usually include a few steps, which were all followed by the California plaintiffs. Medical reports are very important and so are the product IDs. The plaintiffs had to identify if their implants were the ones that have been on the recall list.
One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys is able to help you with more information about how to properly collect and present evidence.

Making a claim for a defective medical device

The plaintiffs brought forward irrefutable evidence and built a strong case. Because this is a particular situation in which multiple lawsuits were filed for the same defective product, it is expected that more lawsuits will appear.
Not all settlements are this significant. If you would like to know how much your settlement is worth you can use a settlement calculator and request an initial appointment with a personal injury lawyer.
For more information on defective product lawsuits, we invite you to contact one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers.


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