Permanent Disability Benefits Following a Personal Injury Accident

Written by: Editor

Victims of personal injury accidents that result in permanent disability, even temporarily, are entitled to special benefits for disability. In California, the state has specific laws for the amounts that may be awarded in these cases. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you claim the permanent disability benefits much needed after an accident that has severely impacted your life.

The worker’s compensation permanent disability benefits

California has a number of regulations in place for the benefits awarded in case of permanent disability. One of these refers to the amount that may be awarded to the victim of a personal injury accident when he or she is unable to work because of a temporarily total disability.
In this particular situation, victims can claim two-thirds of their wage at the time of the accident. A condition for this is that the gross amount of the wage does not exceed the state maximum. One of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can give you complete information on how this law applies to you, according to your current salary.

Time limits on the permanent disability benefits

The amount awarded for temporary total disability has an expiration date for those individuals who are considered permanently disabled less than 100 percent. The time limit is 104 weeks during which the individual was considered to be totally disabled. Alternatively, the benefits period ends when a doctor states that the victim’s condition has stabilized and it is medically acceptable that he or she has a permanent impairment, instead of a temporary disability.
In most cases, the temporary total disability benefits are awarded in installments between 230 to 290 dollars per week, payable two times a week. This may differ from one type of accident to another.
Most victims of personal injury accidents, especially catastrophic injuries, find that this amount is not nearly enough to cover all of their expenses and needs.
We recommend you to contact one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers to find out how you can claim compensation for the medical expenses and the future medical expenses.