The Final Offer in a Settlement or Negotiation

The negotiation process is important in any personal injury case if neither of the parties wants to take the case to court. This is the best time to make a final claim based on the injuries sustained in the accident and the damages caused by it. In some cases the damages can be substantial, like in spinal cord injuries and if the defendant or the insurance agency refuse to pay, you have the right to take legal action. A personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you throughout the final stages of the settlement negotiations so that you can obtain the entire promised amount.

How to Deal with Uninsured Motorist Cases


Not all those involved in a car accident in California have insurance coverage. If you are involved in an accident with another individual that has no insurance or has the minimum mandatory package you can use your own insurance to cover for this accident. However, if you have problems with your insurance company, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you.

Your Rights as a Sexual Harassment Victim


Victims of sexual harassment can suffer from physical injuries as well as emotional trauma. If you work in an environment where inappropriate and unwelcome sexual advances are common or where you feel threatened and humiliated you can take legal action. If you have been the victim of a sexual assault, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you seek legal justice.

Nursing Home Abuse: Wrong Medication Cases


Nursing home abuse is a serious case of personal injury and elderly individuals can suffer both from physical and emotional abuse while admitted into these types of facilities. Medication errors can sometimes occur in nursing homes and in these cases the fault must be attributed to the nursing home or to the medical practitioner who prescribed the wrong dosage or medicines.

Personal Injuries at Sport Facilities in Los Angeles


Sport facilities or stadiums are places where accidents can happen, either in the facility itself or during a sport event. Regardless of the manner in which the accident took place, guests at such events expect to be in a safe environment and are entitled to claim compensations if injured in a sports venue. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you if you are a victim but can also provide you with valuable legal counselling regarding liability if you are the owner of a sports stadium or other establishment.

Insurer refuses to pay the compensation. What to do?


When the insurer refuses to pay the compensations due to a client who was harmed in a certain way the individual can initiate a tort claim called insurance bad faith. According to law, insurance companies need to act in good faith towards their clients, deal fairly and not refuse to make payments in certain cases. When you are experiencing problems in communicating with your insurance company or when the insurance company refuses to pay you can call an Los Angeles personal injury attorney who can help you.

Worker’s Compensation Plan


The insurance cover offered by the employer to its workers is known in California as the worker’s compensation plan. If you are injured in a work accident or are exposed to dangerous products while working you are entitled to receive this type of insurance. In case of any accident, if the employer has failed to provide you with the adequate coverage, a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you obtain the rightful compensations for your losses.

Gaining Compensations from Multiple Insurance Policies in California


When involved in a personal injury case in California you might be tempted to take advantage of multiple insurance policies to cover the expenses of the accident. This is called insurance policy “stacking” and while you might think that you can be entitled to because you are the client of that particular insurance company, an Los Angeles personal injury attorney can tell you specifically if and when you can do so.

Should You Tell Your Insurer Everything about a Personal Injury?


Insurance companies will offer you a wide range of options for covering accidents. However, when involved in a personal injury accident your insurer might not want to settle your claim for a large amount. When you are having trouble with your insurance agentone of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you obtain the rightful amount of compensations for your injury and loss.

The Employer's/Employee's Serious and Willful Misconduct


Serious and willful misconduct is qualified under the Californian Law as a quasi-criminal act, with much more serious consequences than an act of negligence. Both the employer and the employee can be accused of such acts but there are certain differences regarding how the law applies in each case. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you if you have been the victim of serious and willful misconduct.

Hefty Compensations for Californian Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents can leave the victim traumatized for life. These types of crashes will oftentimes result in traumatic brain injuries or other forms of serious and debilitating injuries. This is why it is important to seek the help and representation of a professional Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Only with the help of a lawyer you can obtain the maximum amount of compensations which, in some cases, can be substantial.

Hunting Accidents


Hunting accidents comprise a large part of all the gun-related accidents in California. Depending on the circumstances in which an individual was shot while hunting, he may have the right to claim compensations for the wounds. Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles, California can give you complete information about your right to claim that another individual was negligent in a hunting activity.

The Pre-Existing Condition Argument Used by Insurers


A pre-existing condition can be used against the victim of a personal injury as a way for the insurer to pay less compensations. This can also be used by the defendant in court and it is best to know exactly how a previous illness or problem can influence your rights. personal injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you if you have insurance problems when claiming compensations.

The Advantages of the Disability Insurance


Disability insurance is a form of insurance that covers the beneficiary’s income/wages against the risk that a disability might prevent the individual from earning income. This type of insurance can provide short-term benefits or long-term benefits and it is particularly useful in case of personal injury accidents that influence the ability to work, like spinal cord injuries. A Los Angeles personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensations if you have been injured and your insurer refuses to give you disability insurance.

Wildfire Property Damage and Injuries


Wildfires in California can cause serious damages to property, personal injuries and even death. The National Interagency Fire Center declared that the 2015 fire season in California had been the most destructive since 2011. In total, more than 880 square kilometer were burned in the fires. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you if you are a victim of wildfires.

What to Do in Case of Medical Malpractice Related to Drugs


Medical malpractice cases can also involve defective drugs. These types of personal injury cases refer to the physician’s inability to prescribe appropriate medicine for a particular illness but they can also refer to severe side effects of medicinal products that could have been or should have been foreseen by the doctor. Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can help you if you have been injured or have sustained diseases as a result of a defective medicinal product.

Lost Earning Capacity after an Accident


People who are involved in serious accidents can sometimes be left with traumatic injuries that will make it impossible for them to perform the work they used to. In a personal injury case this is known as lost earning capacity and it gives the victim the right to claim additional compensations for the lost amount.  Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you if you have been injured and have lost your earning capacity.

Loss of Income after a Personal Injury


Victims of car accidents or other events that can be cataloged as personal injury cases can claim compensations for much more than their physical pain and trauma. Loss of income represents another damage that occurs to the victim after the accident. With the help of a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles you can claim the right monetary compensations.

Laws of Feeding Wild Animals in California


Most wild animals are beautiful and a lot of people enjoy seeing them in their natural environment. However, when they become accustomed to receiving food, they can change their natural behavior and loose fear of humans. Individuals who feed wild animals in California are punishable by law and tourists and residents alike should observe them. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can give you a complete insight into the wildlife laws of the state of California.

Hit and Run Accidents


Victims of hit and run accidents have various ways of obtaining rightful compensations for their damages even if the driver who caused the car accident fled the scene. With the help of an experienced team of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys, you will be able to use all available information, even if it seems like not enough, to report the accident to the police and file a claim.


Amusement Park Victims in California


Roller coaster rides can sometimes turn dangerous. Earlier this year, two people were injured when riding roller coasters at an amusement park in Santa Clara, California. Although visitors know that they sign up for an adrenaline infused ride that has its dangers, amusement park victims in California can claim compensations for their injuries. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help clients in this matter.

How You Can Protect Children from Accidental Drowning in the Pool


Swimming pools are part of the Californian lifestyle. Families enjoy having them in their backyard, unfortunately, even the most careful parents can’t keep accidents from happening. In California, drowning is one of the leading causes of injuries and even death among children under the age of five. Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can help you if your child has been involved in such an accident.

Old Victims can Obtain Higher Compensations for Personal Injuries


Senior citizens involved in accidents deserve to receive rightful compensations for their injuries caused by the negligence of another. Old victims will often suffer even more after a typical accident in Los Angeles, like a pedestrian accident. Their bodies will require more time to heal and they can even risk not being able to regain their full capacity from before the accident. What’s more, seniors are also victims of scams and abuse, like nursing home abuse, precisely because they lose their ability to protect themselves. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys are experienced professionals who can help you, if you are a senior citizen who suffers from being an accident victim.

How Can a Caregiver of a Victim be Compensated?


The caregivers of victims of serious accidents have the right to receive compensations. Traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis change the lives of the victims forever. But the victims are not the only ones who suffer, their families will also have to go through stressful and permanent changes. Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can tell you more about your legal status as a caregiver.

Lawsuits Against Energy Drink Producers


Some of the energy drink producers are being accused that their products are unhealthy and can cause serious problems like heart attacks. While the producers insist that their drinks are safe, these types of lawsuits could fall under the category of dangerous products (in this case, drinks). Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can tell you more about actions against big companies and their products.