New Rules for Using the Mobile Phone while Driving in California

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New-Rules-for-Using-the-Mobile-Phone-while-Driving-in-California.jpgNew rules apply as of 2017 for drivers who use their mobile phones while driving in California. The new law entered into effect on January 1, 2017, after being signed by the California Governor in late September last year. The amended law does not prohibit all and any use of a mobile or smartphone device while driving, even if it is for orientation purposes. This change will influence the manner in which liability and negligence and taken into consideration in vehicle accidents. Individuals involved in a car crash after January 1 who were the victim of someone else’s negligence while driving can request the help of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys

The new Vehicle Code rules

The new changes are included in the California Vehicle Code Section 23123.5 and stipulate that mobile phones may be used while driving only if they are mounted on the windshield and used in a hands-free mode or through voice activation. Exemptions apply for mobile phone control systems embedded in the vehicle and for emergency personnel using the mobile phones while engaged in an emergency mission.
The first violation of this new provision is sanctioned with a fine of 20$ and subsequent violations are punishable by fines of 50$. 
The law was designed in an effort to reduce the number of vehicle accidents caused by talking or texting while driving
Los Angeles, San Diego, Palmdale and other areas throughout California are scenes of many vehicle accidents caused by negligence. Victims of vehicle accidents can use the help provided by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney to show that their injuries were caused by the carelessness of a driver who was using the mobile phone while driving. 

Influence on liability in vehicle accidents in California

While California was enacting a series of restrictions on mobile phone use while driving, the updated Vehicle Code provides for no engagement in any distracting activity, especially since modern smartphones allow for a greater variety of options part from texting and talking.
The broadening of the Vehicle Code violation will allow for a different approach when proving negligence in a vehicle accident.
While the new law aims to reduce the number of accidents and injuries caused by cell phone use while driving if you are injured in a vehicle accident caused by this you can contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.


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