Medical Malpractice Injuries: "Never Events"

Written by: Editor

"Never events" are outstanding medical errors that are very rare and can cause tremendous additional suffering to the victim. They include human errors in fields like actual medical care, diagnosis, and treatment. A Los Angels motorcycle accident attorney can help you if you were injured after this type of accident and have received inadequate medical care

What are some examples of never events?

Never events are mistakes that should not happen in the course of a medical procedure or surgery. Some examples include:
  • - surgical errors: when the doctor operates in the wrong patient or when the leaves behind a medical instrument (inside the patient);
  • - device misuse: when the medical practitioner uses a medical product or device in a manner in which it was not intended.
  • - radiology mistakes: when a metal object remains with the patient during the course of an MRI and can cause accidents.
  • - medication errors: when the patient receives the wrong dosage or the wrong type of medicine.
The course of action is different according to the type of mistake and our team of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can help you if you were subject to this type of error.

How are never events compensated for?

Never events are not as common as other types of personal injury accidents, such as vehicle accidents, however, unfortunately, they do have a relatively high prevalence rate because human mistakes do happen. The fact that the surgeon has performed these mistakes in the past can be used when building the case and one or our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can include this information in your settlement claim.
The types of damages victims of medical malpractice cases can obtain are monetary ones for the extra medical costs associated with treating the additional interventions that are needed to fix the mistake. In some cases, the victim can also claim damages for pain and suffering because of the human error.
You can contact our team of layers that also include a Los Angeles motorcycle injury attorney who can help you according to you care. Together with our experts, you can take adequate steps to receive compensation for a medical malpractice case that should have never taken place.