Maximum Medical Improvement in a Personal Injury Case

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Maximum medical improvement after a personal injury accident is reached when the victim can no longer develop a further improved health state. This means that the condition of the individual is now stable and he can pursue a legal claim for the injuries. This term is especially relevant in worker compensation claims. One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you claim compensations once your medical condition has improved.

What is the relevance of the medical improvement status?

The maximum medical improvement level is determined with the help of the treating physician. When the victim can no longer see improvements to his/her medical condition, a doctor will declare that this maximum level was reached. This level or plateau of recovery is reached irrespective of the fact that the victim has fully recovered or is still under the effects of the injury. For example, it can be reached when a victim has gained full mobility and use after having suffered from a broken arm and be likewise reached when the victim has fully healed after having gone through an arm amputation after a personal injury accident.
The importance of the maximum medical improvement is that once this level is reached, it can offer a reasonable prediction for the future quality of life. One important issue to remember is that victims are advised to wait until this level is reached. You can then reach out to one of our personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

Does medical improvement affect the value of the claim?

The fact that the maximum medical improvement is reached will not have a direct influence on the value of the claim in the sense that it will not reduce it. On the contrary, a lawyer can better estimate the adequate amount of compensation if he has a clear case at hand and can see the true impact of the injury as well as the costs and procedures that were needed for the victim in order to recover.
We recommend that you wait for a time after the accident before filing a claim. At the same time, all plaintiffs should remember the two-year statute of limitations.
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