Making a Claim Against a Security Guard

Written by: Editor

Although less common among personal injury cases that include assault and battery, physical attacks by bouncers and security guards can leave the victims with substantial victims, particularly because these agents are trained to defuse a fight or an altercation. Patrons who are attacked by a security guard or a club bouncer with no justifiable cause are entitled to compensations for the medical bills. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help represent in in these types of cases, especially if you are having a difficult time getting you claim through. 

Your rights as a client

Security guards or club bouncers are trained to only engage physically in order to stop a fight from escalating or when there is really no last resort. In normal scenarios, an attack by a security guard or bouncer would be the opposite of what a client would expect at a bar, a mall or another location where security is provided.
Of course, the situation will depend on the actions that caused the attack and whether or not it was justifiable for the security guard to use violence. The extent of the injuries will likely be an important issue to take into consideration and one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you formulate your claim.
Victims that find themselves attacked out of the blue can rely on eyewitness testimonies and even on surveillance cameras, if available.

The degree of negligence

The plaintiff will have a solid case only in the particular situation in which he did not provoke the attack. Likewise, the reason for the assault will be important when making the claim and so will be proving negligence on the part of the defendant. 
Bouncers have the sometimes-unpleasant task of dealing with people who have had a drink or more and the fact that the plaintiff was drinking (or not) may prove to have a significant importance for the outcome of the case.
One of our lawyers can give you more detailed information about the shared fault laws in California. Contact us for complete legal assistance in personal injury cases.