How are Settlements Awarded in Case of Victims Who are Minors?

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When the personal injury victim is a minor (a child under the age of 18), the monetary settlements that will be awarded for him or her need to be approved by Court and a guardian will also be appointed by the Court in order to commence the legal actions and follow the best interest of the child. Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you if a minor child has been the victim of a personal injury accident and monetary compensations are pursued after the accident.

A fair settlement for minors

When the victim of a personal injury accident is a child under the age of 18, the monetary settlements that are lawfully awarded need to be approved by Court. The purpose of this approval is to ensure that the settlement is a fair one and in line with the true damages suffered by the child in the respective accident.
Once the settlement amount is approved, it will be usually transferred into a blocked account chosen by the guardian. The funds are to be accessed by the minor once he turns 18 years of age. The guardian is appointed by Court and he/she is a third party who acts on behalf of the minor and follow the best solutions.
The help of a professional can be important in these cases. You can consult with one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers if you are having issues with obtaining a just settlement when the victim is a minor.

Types of compensations for minors

The types of damages awarded in personal injury cases are monetary ones that will most often cover the medical expenses for the child. In case of minors, the plaintiff will not argue for lost income or future list income, however, claims for non-economic damages can be made. If the accident was a traumatic event, the plaintiff may ask for damages for pain and suffering and the claim may be corroborated with an official statement from a child therapist or another expert witness who can attest to the impact the accident has had on the child, according to age and other factors.
If you wish to obtain an equitable settlement for a minor that has been involved in a personal injury accident, please do not hesitate to contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.